Thursday, September 17, 2015

Vanuatu Graffiti
We see this wall every morning on the way to work
 I call it the Resurrection Wall
Gary calls it "The Writing On The" Wall
 Poor Cyclone Pam tree
We really don't see much graffiti at all

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Arrival Dinner at President Granger's Home (9 Sisters 4 Elders)
 Erakor Branch - Miracle Chapel
 Etas Ward Relief Society
 Etas Ward New Bishopric + a Few Others
 Mele Branch Open Roof Construction - To Withstand Cyclones
 "Please Be Reverent" before Sacrament Meeting
 This Cute Family sang "High On The Mountain Top" for the Musical Number 
in the Mele Branch - The Young Boy Sang a Solo
 Elder Stevens with Elder & Sister Leban from Germany
 Siblings we met at the Erakor Branch - 
He served his Mission in Hawaii
 Young Men Class at Erakor
Primary at Black Sands Ward
 Saturday Baptism
 Great View when you can stand around All Four Sides
 There were 8 eight-year olds all from Black Sands Ward,
2 Converts and 1 teenage girl

Thursday, August 27, 2015

 Well-Tended Garden
Weeded - Fenced - Large - Big Variety
 Separate Cooking Kitchen
Luxury Barrel to Keep Wood Dry
 The Church gave the Vanuatu Government two portable sawmills
The Church can use them for 3 years and then the govt will own them outright
 Piece of Iron Roofing Stuck in Palm Tree
Too High Up to Remove (from Pam)
 Two-Bedroom House
 Another view of Kitchen
 Another View of the Best Garden
 Elder Stoddard doing assessment on rebuilding Homes
 Owner of the "Best Well-tended Garden
 Two***Flying Foxes***
 Typical Garden
 Not gonna let Grandpa get away!
 Michael - the Navigator - No Addresses Here
 This House will have to be Torn Down
 Elder Stoddard with a Man needing his home rebuilt
 Vanity & Mirror
Toothbrush Holder on Left - Chest of Drawers on Right
 Black Tubes for Water Supply -
Left tube - Shut Off method
Watermelon Patch

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Elder Jones - My Trainer with Elder Begman the day he went Home
That's why he is in a Suit - Only wore it coming and going
Missionaries in this Mission don't even need to buy suits anymore
We sent all Elder Stevens suits home before we came